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Fotodiox Pro Pronto Review

Leica M to Sony E-Mount Camera Autofocus Adapter

August 4 2018

I have had the Fotodiox Pro Pronto in my possession for 30 days now.  With my love for tinkering and vintage glass(and diminishing eyesight),  I am wondering now why I waited so long.

The FPP I’ll Call it.  Came in small well put together packaging along with the 3 adapters I ordered with it: Nikon,Pentax bayonet and m42 mount adapters.

What is IT?  Well it is a an Auto-focus adapter that moves your entire lens away from the flange focal distance and back depending on where your subject may be.  An automatic 0-4.5mm Macro tube of sorts that uses your Sony cameras Phase Detect focal points only.  Sorry you are out of luck if your Sony doesn’t have these.

“But I cant afford Vintage Leica lenses, or rather no way am I going to pay Leica Prices?” —You don’t have to.  The FPP has a Leica-M mount for a very smart reason.  It comes from a mirrorless vintage rangefinder camera that has a very small flange range.   So you can pretty much fit any number of Your lens to Leica-M adapters on to the FPP.

see my full review here

• Add autofocus to your Leica and M-mount Further adapted Manual Focus Lenses
• Fast & Precise Focusing for Snapshot / Motion photography (not so much towards you but away and sideways is pretty good )
• Support AF-S & AF-C face detect mode
• Improve Close Focus Ability of all supported lenses
• Ideal for 50mm and Wider Focal Lengths
• Compatible with Sony α7(II) , Sony α7R(II) , α6300 , α6500 & α9
• 24-Month Fotodiox warranty






Introduction: Photography is my Passion

Around us, wonderful things happen all the time.  Being able to capture that very moment when a parent wells with pride, a child breaks out in laughter, a grandparent surveys the world of love they created with a smiling eyes or even the tiniest creature as it goes about its daily ritual upon a petal. A good photo comprise of many things, not only  must you capture the moment, but convey the mood with light and shadow, perspective, and composition.

Photography is my passion I see life through a camera even when a camera is absent. I took up the passion when I was 15yrs old when I bought my first Minolta X7a slr camera.  I started my own Dark room in my bedroom and began photography classes at age 17.

I am now a 40s Dad with a family and a couple of Digital cameras and Modern and Vintage lenses.  I can capture the light and shadows that mother nature provides or create any mood with artificial lighting.

   I am available for any photographic needs you may require.  Concerts/recitals, Sports, Portraits, Products,  Realestate, Head shots, Automotive, Pole aerial, Landscape, Pets.

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Based in London Ontario Canada